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A safe and healing environment.

TEARS provides a safe, healing environment for mothers as they grieve the loss of a child. We endeavor to create an atmosphere that promotes healing through peer support and trained volunteers. Participants are encouraged to share their stories, to listen to other moms, and to participate in other activities. As they travel this journey together, they feel supported and recognize that they are not alone.

Grief is a unique, individual process, and at TEARS, we encourage participants to allow themselves to grieve in the manner they choose.

Programs Offered

Through the generous donations of our supporters, we devote ourselves to providing quality programs that best support the needs of our participants. Our programs include:

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    Free Counseling and Therapy

    Losing a child is absolutely heartbreaking – you don’t have to go through it alone. Seeking professional counseling and therapy can help you cope with your loss and grieve in a healthy manner. At TEARS, we offer free counseling and therapy for families like the spouse and siblings together with the grieving mom. This service is open to everyone including those without health insurance and is fulfilled once a month up to a year starting in January 2020.You can register starting July 1, 2019, through December 2019. We will continue to open up every year in July for new registrants until the end of December for the following years in the future. Seats will be limited until further notice. If you’re on the list for this year but was not able to get in for a free counseling, you’ll be the first ones on the list for the year 2020. However, you’re still welcome to become a member of TEARS and join us in our Monthly Heavenly Celebrations.

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    Monthly Heavenly Celebration

    The idea of celebrating a deceased and beloved child’s birthday might seem odd to some, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to honor your child’s memory. At TEARS, we host monthly heavenly parties to keep our loved one’s memories alive. Whatever month your Angel Baby went to join Our Father in Heaven, you’re still able to celebrate his or her Heavenly Day. Each individual family may provide proof of their Angel Baby’s obituary and a picture so that we can post it on the wall for that month until the following month for the other families. This monthly celebration doesn’t focus on the death of the child, but on the joy that they have brought to others. Each affair is filled with free food, drinks, laughter, and storytelling.

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    Bi-Weekly Meetings

    We hold bi-weekly meetings every other Saturday, providing moms with a safe and non-judgmental place where they can share their grief, talk about their children, listen to other people’s stories, and seek support from other moms going through the same circumstances.

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    24/7 Support Group

    Grief can hit you at any time. We want to be able to provide support to grieving mothers who get stuck in the middle of a workday or wake up in the middle of the night grieving the loss of their child. We want to be able to provide support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about our programs, give us a call at 713-291-9971 / 281-437-1380.

Want to support our organization? You can do so by becoming a volunteer or by making a donation.