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Dads Feel Pain Too Tears from a Father Who Has Lost a Child

Me losing a son is a non-stop flow of pain, mentally and physically - a deep pain that never leaves, a hurting pain. I can't stop crying or wondering why our family has to go through this pain. I don't get a good rest anymore, and I've become cautious of my surroundings. I've become more protective of my living son, finding myself worrying about him. Losing a son has given me a totally different outlook on life. You take nothing for granted. A father's pain is as endless as a mother's pain, and it hurts, and it continues to hurt. I'll never get over this. But, with the help of God and my family, I'll learn how to deal with it. Love, Kenneth Roberson

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Welcome to our nonprofit organization, TEARS Moms-Endless-Pain

Losing a child is devastating but having the support of other parents who can understand is life-saving. TEARS is an organization that offers grieving mothers a safe, non-judgmental place to begin and continue the healing process by sharing their own stories and hearing the stories of others. We endeavor to provide mothers the tools, support, and resources necessary to cope with their unimaginable loss.

Helping You Cope. Bringing You Hope. Support Bereaved Mothers across the Nation

Do you want to support bereaved mothers across the nation? There are various opportunities for you to help.

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Your Donation Brings Hope and Healing to Grieving Mothers

TEARS is dedicated to providing hope, healing, and support to grieving mothers who have lost a child. Your generous donation will help us continue the work that we do.

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Walkathon On October

For All Mothers Past, Present, and Future... For Our Pain in Vain, We Continue to Love Our Children, Even Our Deceased Ones... Mom-Endless-Pain.

IN HONOR OF MY SON, KENNETH DWAYNE ROBERSON II Sunrise 12/6/93 to Sunset 9/23/18

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A Light in Your Hour of Darkness Free Counseling and Therapy

We strive to provide free counseling and therapy services for grieving mothers once a month. This service is open for mothers with no health insurance.

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In Memory of Our Loved Ones Monthly Heavenly Celebration

We want to help you keep your child’s memory alive. We can achieve this by hosting monthly heavenly parties in memory of our loved ones.

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Annual Walkathon Awareness For Grieving Mothers All Over the World

  • T is for Tenacity. Don’t quit – have the perseverance to continue living your life amidst the grief you feel.
  • E is for Entirely. Never give up. Give yourself the chance to make your voice be heard entirely.
  • A is for Acceptance. We must accept the reality and the challenges we face in life every single day.
  • R is for Responsibility. We have responsibilities as moms to keep our children’s memories alive. We must also continue living for them.
  • S is for Strength. No matter how difficult or overwhelming it can be at times – don’t give up. You have the strength to cope with the grief you are feeling.